Leadership - Vision for the City

Leadership - Vision for the City Vision Colleges IBCThe Word of God is filled with examples of people who were leaders, whether they had great gifts and abilities or were weak and despised. However, all of the men and women the Lord used then, as well as now, had to develop their skills by study and practice. Charisma may inspire, but true leaders are made, trained and function well or poorly because of that training.

This book is designed to be a practical help for those resolved to make the most of the time they have, and to become the leaders that God would use for his Kingdom. It is not filled with theory, but has its foundation in God's word to prepare and encourage the growth of leaders for our desperate times.

The lack of lay leadership to carry out the Biblical mission of the church is a major problem in Christianity. A key factor in this is the failure to understand and teach others some of the basic "how to" aspects of Christian leadership.

Why the City?

Since the turn of the century, there has been a global, massive move of the population from rural to urban centers. The vast majority of people are now living in major cities, many with tremendous challenges that the church has been ill equipped to face.

The focus of this movement is to challenge and equip men and women who will have a heart for leadership where the people need it most. We need leadership in suburbia, but the most outstanding opportunities lie in the urban centers of the developing nations and the third-world. My hope is that man will hear the cry of the city, and develop a vision for the city, and consider taking a place of leadership where maximum impact can occur. For those that do, challenge will certainly await them. But with every challenge, if we are humbly submitted to the Lord, he will empower us to go beyond our natural capabilities and enjoy the fruit of spiritual leadership. Souls will be saved, men and women discipled, missions fulfilled, and God's Kingdom will be extended.

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